BlockHires is a project advisory and talent acquisition firm with the sole focus of fulfilling on technical search needs (on a consulting, contingent or retained basis) in order to help organizations of all sizes adapt to the blockchain. We have developed one of the largest databases of blockchain developers, legal personnel, advisors and everything in between.

Computerworld Magazine recently wrote an article where they stated: “Blockchain development is the now second-hottest skill in the job market today, growing more than 200% since this time last year.” Due to this explosive growth, we have partnered to help start-ups, midsize and enterprise organizations adapt to utilizing, leverage and implement this new and exciting technology.

In short, the blockchain is an open-source distributed database using state-of-the-art cryptography which will facilitate collaboration and tracking of all kinds of transactions and interactions. The blockchain is basically a distributed database. Think of a giant, global spreadsheet that runs on millions and millions of computers. It’s distributed. It’s open source, so anyone can change the underlying code, and they can see what’s going on. It’s truly peer to peer; it doesn’t require powerful intermediaries to authenticate or to settle transactions. BlockHires intends to be at the forefront of advising and sourcing talent around projects large and small.



We believe in the blockchain. We believe that the blockchain can bring the needed positive change and trust to our society that we have yearned for so long. We believe in the organizations that help build the tools and resources that will change our world for the good. We believe in order to build great tools and resources requires great talent and nothing less. BlockHires’ mission to help organizations utilizing blockchain technology to attain the right expertise and talent needed to achieve greatness.